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19 -21 September | Three Days of Powerful Talks

The 2nd edition of the International Conference on Indonesian Development will take place on the 19th – 21st of September in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Having received support and acknowledgement from the first edition, the Indonesian Student Association in the Netherlands decides to create a second edition.

The agenda features presentations talks and by leading public figure, government officials, researcher and academician addressing topic surrounding Indonesian development. They come from multidisciplinary background to give a nuanced perspective of the development condition in Indonesia. Discover the latest trends and challenges of Indonesian development in ICID 2019


Why Development?

Indonesia Future Outlook

Indonesia faces the future challenge of Industry 4.0, broadly defined as the current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies shapes the way we live and work. Furthermore, the inequality that currently exists could severely inhibit the ability of underprivileged people to catch up in terms of development.

An understanding of inclusive development is necessary so that technological advancement can bring more inclusive growth and better social welfare for all people in Indonesia. Rather than excluding underprivileged people in the process. On the other hand, this is also an opportunity to open new jobs, establish frugal innovation, and implement better governance only if we can understand the potentials that Indonesia already has. 

As a starting point, we feel we could further our goal with this 2nd edition of The International Conference on Indonesian Development (ICID). It is a movement of people who are concerned about Indonesia.
In this event, participants bring their ideas, opinions, expertise, and experiences to take part in conceptualizing the future of Indonesian development. 

We expect not that this event suddenly encourages positive change in Indonesia, which is not plausible. However, by sharing ideas, discussing the future of Indonesia and more importantly raising our spirit as a global citizen, we can dream of a better Indonesia. We believe that by the spirit of Indonesian youth we can look for a positive outcome, that is the flame ready to burn, and we are here now to start lighting the torch by bringing the theme: 

”Inclusive Development in Facing Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges in Indonesia.”

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